Diving in, to the crumbly remains

  Last night I made an apple crumble. I had promised my housemates some time ago that I would, and decided that since it was a Monday, and I didn’t have anything particularly pressing to do, I would bake them a treat. After I got home from work, in the midst of gobbling up a smoked…

Postcards from Oslo – Part 2

Saturday 12.30pm – Egget Kafe – Address: Kirkegårdsgata 7A, 0558 Oslo, Norway Brunch. We picked this place because we googled ‘nice cafes in Oslo near me’ and this was one of the first that came up. they didn’t have an English menu (a good sign sometimes) so we had the very patient waitress translate for us….

Tom George, Mark Dobbie, Andy Oliver – Som Saa

It’s midday on a lovely sunny Sunday and I am sitting in a booth at a stylishly rustic wood table surrounded by a jungle’s worth of foliage. Sipping on a tiny ceramic cup of decidedly fancy tea, I could squint and pretend that I am holidaying at some luxurious Thai island resort. In reality, I…

A Frozen Yogurt Fail

Let’s talk about first world problems. I suffered from one yesterday. This blog post isn’t actually about something I ate, so much as something I didn’t. It was one of those rare hot days in london. The kind where the air feels muggy and close even thought the sky is just a pale greyish blue….

Sponging up the guilt

I’m feeling a little guilty. I don’t suppose I need to be. Probably not. But guilt, just like love, or longing, isn’t always rational. This story begins a few months ago with a conversation. I’ll spare you the details, It mostly involved my friend waxing lyrical about a most incredible piece of cake he had eaten….

Doug Grigg – Head Chef – Rumpus Cosy

I first came across Doug trawling through food blogs for some interesting recipes and dishes. His blog stood out to me because I found the presentation of his food so colourful, beautiful and well balanced. I can’t wait to try his focaccia recipe that he recently posted, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I…

Wahaca – Cheap and cheerful comfort food

Wahaca is my idea of ‘comfort food’. I go there often with my friends when we are in the mood for a chilled out cheap and cheerful. We always know what we want, can order without referencing the menu and then have a jolly good time catching up with the knowledge that what will land in…

The Swan Inn – Lower Inkpen

I have a friend that runs a walking club. Every few weeks she picks a walk from her special ‘Ramblers book’ and off we go. There’s fantastic scenery, we’re getting fit and breathing fresh country air. Sometimes there are cows and ponies and baby lambs (the lambs are confusing, we see them and they make us…

Five Guys – A heart attack in a burger

Thursday night last week was rather a big one. I went to a party at the Barbican. It was a work do. The wine was flowing, and there were canapes going around, just not quite enough to soak up the alcohol. It was a very boozy affair. The next day I got in to work…

Brewhouse and Kitchen – Pie, mash, and a well lost pub quiz

Last night I went with some friends to the Brewhouse and Kitchen in Islington. In truth we were actually there for their Monday night pub quiz. We had been threatening each other with it for the last few months and had finally decided to bite the bullet and put our general knowledge to the test….