Wahaca – Cheap and cheerful comfort food

Wahaca is my idea of ‘comfort food’. I go there often with my friends when we are in the mood for a chilled out cheap and cheerful. We always know what we want, can order without referencing the menu and then have a jolly good time catching up with the knowledge that what will land in front of us will be delicious and exactly what we were anticipating. They also make a delicious Mojito!

There was the small incident of ‘quesadillagate’ where they tried to take the black bean and cheese quesadilla off the menu. We all winged and whined and complained about the poor imitation they replaced it with. So much so, that eventually, a few months down the line, it reappeared. What a relief. It’s great to see they listen to their customers.

They also changed the fish taco from being battered to crumbed and I don’t think they’re as good as they used to be. I guess we don’t need to talk about that.

Last night I was supposed to meet a stranger at Wahaca for dinner and help her with her English. It was all a bit random, a friend of a friend connection. I was happy to meet and help her out of course, and I rarely decline the opportunity to reminisce with strangers. At the last moment though, I received a message to say that she was unwell and would have to postpone. Happens to the best of us I suppose. The only problem being, I had been anticipating going to Wahaca all day, and I now had an overwhelming craving for a Sonora Salad. Never mind, I was only five minutes walk from the restaurant. Armed with the knowledge that I had no food in the house… and a lady’s gotta eat! I decided to pay them a visit anyway.

“Table for one!” I said, “A Sonora salad please… And a big glass of red!” Sorted.
What a happy moment it was when my salad arrived. A delightful blend of char-grilled steak, avocado, pumpkin seeds, beans, organic British spelt and cos lettuce, tossed in a chipotle dressing, and, very importantly for me, served in a crispy tortilla bowl.

A chip bowl people! CHIP BOWL! I tell you, there really isn’t anything quite so enjoyable, as being able to eat a delicious salad out of a giant chip.

If that doesn’t make you happy… I really don’t know what will.



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