Tom George, Mark Dobbie, Andy Oliver – Som Saa

It’s midday on a lovely sunny Sunday and I am sitting in a booth at a stylishly rustic wood table surrounded by a jungle’s worth of foliage. Sipping on a tiny ceramic cup of decidedly fancy tea, I could squint and pretend that I am holidaying at some luxurious Thai island resort. In reality, I…

Sparkling Wine Tasting – Laithwaite’s

It’s Thursday evening, and I am back at Laithwaite’s in London bridge for a sparkling wine tasting. Not only am I happily drinking, I’m learning! I had always taken it for granted that the bubbles were just there. I had never considered how they got there in the first place. Looks like we might owe…

A Frozen Yogurt Fail

Let’s talk about first world problems. I suffered from one yesterday. This blog post isn’t actually about something I ate, so much as something I didn’t. It was one of those rare hot days in london. The kind where the air feels muggy and close even thought the sky is just a pale greyish blue….

Sponging up the guilt

I’m feeling a little guilty. I don’t suppose I need to be. Probably not. But guilt, just like love, or longing, isn’t always rational. This story begins a few months ago with a conversation. I’ll spare you the details, It mostly involved my friend waxing lyrical about a most incredible piece of cake he had eaten….

Laithwaite’s – Raw Chocolate and Wine Masterclass

Last Thursday I attended a raw chocolate and wine, pairing and masterclass at Laithwaite’s Wine, under the arches, at London Bridge. I didn’t know what to expect. Having never tried raw chocolate before, I had always rather associated it with the unappealing crumbly dry stuff one might buy from a health food store during an…