Brunch at The Allotment Kitchen

Sometimes its fun to have brunch with a side of pig, and not the bacon kind. I speak of my brunchtime visit to The Allotment Kitchen at Stepney City Farm, so perhaps it’s not ‘on the side’, adjacent maybe? Either way, what a lovely Saturday morning activity. I guarantee you that looking at chickens happily squabbling about will automatically reduce your blood pressure, and you haven’t even had the pleasure of a coffee and brunch yet.

The Allotment Kitchen, hosts a regularly changing menu and an impressive cake selection. It has a rustic relaxed vibe helped along by the diverse crowd and the chunky wooden furniture, which looks great, so we will forgive it being a bit uncomfortable to sit on.

I ordered the English muffin with poached eggs, which were perfectly cooked, browned butter and tarragon hollandaise with tenderstem broccolli, slightly charred, a little crunchy, very fresh, definitely delicious. I wanted something more on my muffin, more of the browned butter perhaps, and I could have absolutely had more of that hollandaise.

There is something so grounding about having a delicious breakfast and then patting a cute goat. It really centers things, you get a belly full and a nature fill and a coffee fix all in on place. With that under your belt, anything is possible.

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