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My name is Sonia, and I love to eat. Ever since I can remember I have been part of a family of food lovers. Eating is the way we celebrate our milestones and achievements. Mourn those that have left us. Recognize our culture, and come together as a close knit group of family and friends.

I have vivid memories growing up. Of the Friday night dinner table groaning under the weight of so much fried fish and Challah, salads, dips and desserts, that we barely knew where to start, or how to finish. I can fondly recall my grandfather happily lathering lashings of butter onto his potatoes while he ate his meal, very slowly, and perfectly cut into precise mini squares.

Mmmmmm coffee!

I remember my Great Aunt Becky’s roasts, bread pudding and homemade lemon butter, and how, when she offered seconds, and my father accepted, she would reply “Great, well you can get up and get it yourself!”.

Unforgettable,  my great grandmother, who could catch ten whiting on one rod, butterfly them, barbecue them and then jovially say “Pull my finger!” while she hoed into a tin of baked beans, and we happily gobbled up the fish, crispy tails and all.

I was so happy here, I had just ordered a cheese plate!

Birthdays in my family were always particularly significant. They were usually celebrated at our favourite Chinese restaurant Lee’s Fortuna Court. When we visited Lee’s, Alan the eighty year old waiter who had worked there for forty odd years, pulled ‘Freddo Frogs’ out of our ears, and the meal always finished with the climactic moment of the birthday girl, or boy, cutting an ice cream cake with a meter long sword while my opera trained, baritone father sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Loudly.

Fast forward a few years and I now live in London. It’s a most wonderful cultural melting pot. The number of things to see, try and do is practically non exhaustive, and I am slowly, but surely, trying to discover them all.

Confession: I actually really have an overwhelming, and passionate disdain for the culinary travesty that is the rainbow bagel.

I’m not a chef, I’m not even an amazing cook, and I don’t know that much about different varieties of heirloom tomatoes or the best way to hard boil an egg. (I actually had to google that one). I know what I like though, and I love to learn, I also love to have adventures and laugh about them later, so I’ve decided to take a trip down foodie lane.

This blog is my journey. I’d love you to join me for the ride.

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