10 Greek Street – The pie crusts are thin, and the wine comes from a little black book

10 Greek Street. Where the pie crusts are thin and the wine comes from a little black book.

I’ve honestly never had a pie like that one, and it felt as a revelation. A delicious classic re-imagined and enhanced. Such a beautiful almost flawless orb. Shiny and crazed slightly on top like an old much loved piece of bone china. The pastry is so thin that it gives the dish a lightness that wouldn’t normally be achieved. Breaking through it feels akin to travelling on a journey to discover the molten core on the planet of pie. One effortless break and you are through the thin crispy outer and discovering the bountiful shredded lamb within. It’s tangy, a little bit salty, but the creaminess of the mash balances that out.

The staff are friendly and attentive, our entree of fried polenta and goats curd melts in the mouth. The wine gets more delicious as it breathes, and I have the privilege of spending an evening with two of the best people I know. Delightful! A revisit is in order.

10 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4DH

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