Pringles and red wine AKA ‘The Shame’ AKA ‘Attack of the Ghost Hand’

I had a blog post all ready to go for today (lie, it was half ready) but I had an interesting unhealthy dinner last night and decided I would write about that instead.

It was a Monday like any other. I got home with the intention of making my favourite quick, easy and healthy! ‘Can’t be bothered cooking’ omelette. It’s simple and delicious! Sauteed spinach, cheddar and pesto.

I was home at about six thirty, and not being a geriatric, decided it was way too early to be cooking dinner. Throwing the ingredients on the kitchen bench, I settled in to a pre-dinner work session with a nice glass of red and a tube of Pringles. The way I saw it, I could have a little treat while I worked, and then have a healthy dinner having earned some Netflix and chill. They do say the best made plans…

I know they come with a ‘pop and don’t stop’ warning, but I honestly thought I was a logical measured and controlled person. Right, sure. I am! It wasn’t my fault actually. There I was minding my own business, happily working, drinking my wine and munching on my Pringles, when the unthinkable happened (pause for impact…)

Ghost hand struck!!

Do you know the evil ‘Ghost Hand’? It’s the one that you forget is attached to your arm while you absent-mindedly shovel snacks into your pie hole. It’s the insidious evil influence at free bar events and the one thing that can simultaneously attack both your sanity and your waistline.

By the time my hand touched the bottom of the tube and I came to my senses it was too late. I felt so full and ashamed, overwhelmed even! I put myself to bed without dinner after a few minutes sitting in the naughty corner. So, this is my warning to you. Never be lulled into a false sense of security with a tub of Pringles… And watch out for Ghost Hand!

It will come for you too!

Disclaimer: This is not the bottle of wine or the tube of Pringles I ate last night. They are a different bottle of wine and Pringles that I just happen to have stored in my cupboard at work *cough*.


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  1. Jan m says:

    Barolo, excellent!


    1. Not too shabby 😉


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