Sora Margherita

I hope you will forgive me for being a bit retrospective, but there are some places that I have been to in the past that I can’t stop thinking about. Unfortunately I won’t get back for a little while, but I figure why should that stop me telling people about it?

One of these places is a little restaurant in the Jewish quarter of Rome called Sora Margherita. I’ve been to Italy a fair few times now, and this place is to date still my favourite meal ever.

photo 3
Here’s it is.

Firstly, the place is completely unpretentious, the tables have plastic coverings and walls are covered in news print articles. I was there alone so I ended up making friends with the locals.

I didn’t know what to order, so the waiter walked me through the menu, telling me exactly what he thought would give me the best foodie experience and I was quite happy to go along for the ride.

I started with a deep fried artichoke. The only other time I’ve eaten artichoke that wasn’t pickled my cousin in Israel made it for me and that was a long time ago so I was a bit dubious. I needn’t have been, because it was spectacular! Crunchy and salty outer with a perfectly cooked and soft inner. It was actually so amazing that I drew a portrait of it.

photo 4
Slightly fuzzy real life artichoke.
2014-05-05 10.39.42
My illustrated ode to the artichoke ‘oh artichoke, oh artichoke, oh how I love thee artichoke’

Next was the pesto pasta, yum as expected, and very enthusiastically washed down with a delicious glass of red. I followed this with a tiramisu so light and fluffy that it literally made me want to sing. Actually I did sing, and then I showed the waiter my portrait of the artichoke. He appeared to think I was nuts, but was very encouraging and good humoured about it.

photo 1
Why hello pesto pasta, do you come here often?
photo 2
Tiramasu, my love, when can I see you again?

Not sure when I’ll get back there, there are so many places in the world and so little time. It’s definitely on my list for a return visit one day though, and in the meantime, perhaps one of you can go and I can live vicariously? I’d settle for that.

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