Scones and tea at the V&A

As everyone knows, scones with jam and cream and a well brewed pot of tea is an English tradition. There’s no shortage of places where you can get a fix, but one of my favourite spots to go for this little English delight is the V&A.

photo 1
“Hey lady!” (says Pope Clement XIV) “You’re skin and bone! Go get yourself a scone stat!”

The cafe is so beautiful, I’d love to go to a wedding there actually (friends… Anyone…) Today I ate my scone under a big voluptuous nude Venus lookalike who, in addition to holding up the rooms fireplace, also inspired me to fully enjoy a guilt free indulgence. (After all, everyone probably thought she was hot, they wouldn’t have emulated her forevermore in marble otherwise!)

photo 5
Here it is,though i’m afraid my photo doesn’t do it justice (disclaimer: the Christmas tree is not there all year round)

There is no shortage of things to look at, beautifully carved pillars, spectacularly tiled walls and intricate stained glass windows, but on top of that, the scones are actually delicious! They are the perfect combination of crunchy and fluffy, and even though I always feel I’m a little bit short on the clotted cream I figure that’s probably just me being greedy.

photo 2
Watch out little scone! I am going to eat you!!
photo 3
Ready for your close up? Work it sconny, work it!
photo 4
Shall I make this look pretty for you? Nah, i’ll just shovel it in my mouth.

They brew a pretty good pot too, and when you’re done you can go check out all the amazing stuff in the rest of the place! Hi fives all round!!

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