A visit to the Backyard Pub

It turns out that I have awesome friends that have awesome friends that think it’s a good idea to build a real genuine English style pub in their backyard (and they’re right! it is!!).

Firstly, we travelled from central London out to Watford so I had the opportunity to say ‘where am I?’ with my friend responding ‘You’re next to Harry Potter World!’ and even though there wasn’t the opportunity to visit, I still felt that driving past the sign in a taxi was enough of an experience to throughly enjoy the novely of it all.

It was also a long enough journey that I was able to talk to my friend about all the things I’m feeling neurotic about at the moment (you can’t burden just anyone with this stuff) with him taking it like a pro ‘Yes, you are being neurotic, but don’t worry, there, there’, and me feeling mildly relieved that I could recognise the neurosis and was therefore not yet on the brink of insanity. Yay! Winning at life!

The pub that they have created is so lovely, and the attention to detail is incredible, Leather couch and bar stools, with the walls papered in burgundy and gold print and a seemingly endless supply of snacks, ‘salt and vinegar fish and chips anyone?’

photo 1
I’ll have some peanuts please!
photo 2
Snacks! Get in my tummy!!
photo 5
Our gracious host taking the responsibility of being the owner and proprieter of such an illustrious establishment very seriously 😉
photo 4
The man in action. Don’t worry, there isn’t actually Fosters in the kegs *everyone breathes sigh of relief*.
photo 3
‘I am looking at you from across the room disapprovingly, but really I am thinking; its party time! It’s party time!’

Onward to other important stuff, chicken on a spit! In addition to having a pub in their backyard, these quite marvellous people also had a real genuine kebab shop style spit with chicken that they had marinated for twenty four hours and in addition to creating beautifully cooked chicken it also served as a very effective outdoor heater.

pub 6
I realize this just looks weird and phallic, but seriously, have you ever tried to photograph a spit in the dark. It’s hard!
pub 7
Most delicious chicken i’ve had in a very long while
pub 8
The finished product complete with really delicious garlic sauce (totally worth it)

All in all it was quite the delightful evening. Who want’s to create something awesome and invite me over next? Do you have any friends that have done cool stuff like this?

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