Five gauges of success – El Ganso

I’ve been learning lately about the relative perceptions of success. Six year old me thought that ‘making it’ was being prima ballerina Margot Fontaine. When I was in high school it was getting grades as good as my sister. After finishing university with a fashion degree I saw it as becoming head designer at Dior….

Brewhouse and Kitchen – Pie, mash, and a well lost pub quiz

Last night I went with some friends to the Brewhouse and Kitchen in Islington. In truth we were actually there for their Monday night pub quiz. We had been threatening each other with it for the last few months and had finally decided to bite the bullet and put our general knowledge to the test….

A visit to the Backyard Pub

It turns out that I have awesome friends that have awesome friends that think it’s a good idea to build a real genuine English style pub in their backyard (and they’re right! it is!!). Firstly, we travelled from central London out to Watford so I had the opportunity to say ‘where am I?’ with my…