Foxcroft & Ginger

I don’t really get polenta. Usually when I eat it I think to myself, what the hell am I eating? I mean, it’s a grain (is it a grain? Tell me oracle! Oh, it’s cornmeal… right) But you can only really eat it when it’s been squashed in a shape, a rectangle, square or portrait of Jesus or whatever and fried. Seriously! What else do you do with it?! Enlighten me please!

Now I’m done with ranting, I want to tell you about my favourite place to eat polenta chips (I know what I just said! *eyeroll*).

It’s at a cafe called Foxcroft & Ginger, a lovely place, with a really nice chilled out vibe and usually a pretty cool playlist too. The decor is sort of rustic but still modern and it’s fairly spacious but to me at least, still feels quite intimate and cosy at the same time.

photo 4

They make lots of yummy looking things that I’ll happily gobble up, but the polenta chips for me are a must have. Big thick crunchy golden fried fingers stacked pyramid like on top of each other with aubergine kasundi, sour cream and herb salt. The portion size is always fantastic too.

photo 2
Look at it! My mouth is watering just looking at the photo!!
photo 1
Do you not think this is a thing of total beauty?

When you’re done mulling over what polenta is, while at the same time enjoying every mouthful, you can go watch a movie at Genesis the little artsy cinema next door. If you go on a Monday or Wednesday you can get four pound tickets, awesome! Try it, all of it!

Foxcroft and Ginger – 69-89 Mile End Rd, London E1 4TT

Genesis Cinema – 93-95 Mile End Rd, London E1 4UJ

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