That place with no name

I’d tell you what this place is called, but I can’t, because they’re too trendy to have a name. I think it’s pretty pretentious really, not dissimilar to ‘the artist formerly known as’ *insert squiggle here* (but without the fame). Now I think about it though, they haven’t even bothered with the squiggle. They are just that cool.

The few times I’ve visited this cafe I have generally found the people that work there pretty aloof and unfriendly, so I don’t pay them a visit too often, but I walked past, I wanted a coffee, and then I saw in the window a little cake, called a Cannele.

I’d never seen it before, it looked yummy, so I gave it a go, also, it was little. Sometimes things in miniature are fun; puppies, children’s clothes, notebooks, porcelain animals etc. (I personally have a teeny tiny china elephant on my desk that gives me no end of joy) I generally don’t want my food in miniature, but oh well, I guess I was in a mood.

The Cannele, it was a doughy caramel tasting thing, sort of like a Portuguese Tart but without the benefit of the crunchy pastry. It was a bit solid too, not the light, fluffy or moist melt in the mouth moment I had anticipated from looking at it. Pleasant enough, but also underwhelming. I’ll give it points for self identification.

I don’t have much else to say really, which some might say is a fairly rare occurrence. I was curious, I assuaged my curiosity, and I was ambivalent. Yeah, it was small and cute, but it was also generally ‘whatever’ (that’s the technical term). It was served with a really crappy burnt coffee too. The coffee particularly made me feel *sad face* which was definitely not the desired outcome. The benefit of experience though, now I’ve tried it, I can give it a miss next time. I guess I don’t need to know their name after all.

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