Bakers & Roasters – Amsterdam

Lovely relaxed and modern New Zealand cafe. Simplistic clean decor with a splash of colour. We were promptly seated and our coffee order arrived quickly as if they had ESP’d our need of it. The coffee is good, I happily drink it down, all the while watching askance as my friend slurps down a vanilla milkshake.

I order the veggie brekkie with two free range poached eggs, grilled halloumi, avocado, breakfast potatoes , creamy mushrooms, homemade chilli jam and hot buttered toast (14.5€). The breakfast is huge, and definitely feels like a marathon rather than a sprint. The halloumi is perfectly squeaky, and the creamy mushrooms a revelation, really giving the breakfast a lift and taking it to the next level. I find the chilli jam a bit superfluous to what I want and don’t bother to use it. It feels too early in the morning for me for chilli.

The fact that it is morning doesn’t appear to stop me from eating chocolate cake and cream though. I wouldn’t pick it myself as a post breakfast choice, but my friend decides he wants some and asks me to share it with him. He doesn’t have to twist my arm too hard.

Check out Bakers & Roasters website – HERE


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