La Zoccola del Pacioccone – Amsterdam

La Zoccola del Pacioccone or The red wine district is not too much bigger than a hole in the wall. A traditional Italian style pizzeria with plastic tables and chairs, a hand written menu, nick nacks on the walls. It looks like it hasn’t changed since the 80’s, which I suppose is part of it’s charm.

It is completely relaxed and as unpretentious as it is possible to be. The space is small, but doesn’t feel crowded. One waitress moves calmly, attending to the needs of all the tables.

The pizza is flavourful, if a little bit sloppy, and while I particularly enjoy a thin base, I also want it to have a bit more substance to hold up the toppings. I feel I have to eat it with a knife and fork, or immediately fold the point over onto the more sturdy end if I am to successfully wrangle it into my pie hole. That said, the flavour does burst in the mouth. I have mine with anchovies which add a salty hit to the toppings.

The Tiramasu to finish is genuinely delicious, very chocolaty with a good hit of coffee.

Go there if: You have the muchies and want to fill the hole with a tasty pizza.

Give it a miss if: You’re looking for something even a little bit fancy.

La Zoccola del Pacioccone

Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 22, Amsterdam, 1012NH

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