Saturday I wake up craving Ramen; It’s freezing outside, I’m hung over, and hungry, it had been too long since my previous bowl. I’m fairly impulsive where food applies, an hour later I had dragged my housemate out of the house, through the drizzle and bitter wind and was happily seated at a table in Tonkotsu.

Such a delicious treat for a cold day. The rich broth, and perfectly cooked noodles. A generous helping of chili chicken, and soft egg. Because I am greedy, I also ordered the shitaki and bamboo shoot gyoza and chicken wings which were perfectly sweet and spicy in equal measure with exactly the right amount of crunch on the outside edge.

I have no problem disclosing that despite my best efforts at ladylike eating, by the end the ramen had splashed all over, and my fingers were covered in wing sauce. Regardless, I am able to make short work of licking my fingers and slurping up the last of the broth.

I am too full to move, but Tonkotsu ramen is simply too good to waste.


You can visit their website HERE

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