Maitre Choux – South Kensington

Sunday I decide to pay a visit to Maitre Choux. The branch in South Kensington is a small space with very limited seating and hardly any character save for a few interesting hanging lights and the eclairs themselves lined up to attention like colourful soldiers. That’s fine, for a first visit, the eclairs really are the star of the show and there are plenty of places catering to the many wanting a comfortable tete a tete; very few supplying the needs of those looking for luxury french choux.

I choose the pistacio because it is green (i’m tired and it’s as good a reason as any) and in retrospect wish I’d chosen something a little more classic for my first experience. Chocolate, caramel, coffee, so I wasn’t distracted by so many new things. Still it’s very delicious, full of rich pistacio cream and covered with cute little mini meringue and the signature coordinating chocolate name plate. It’s frustrating for me to visit by myself, because I want to try all the flavours and buying more that one just for me is very extravagant.

Alas, If I wanted to make a habit of buying these, at six quid a pop I would have to mortgage the house I already don’t own and even though they are undoubtedly divine, I think I need more ambiance for that kind of layout. I’m going to have to put this down as a sometimes treat.

Visit the Maitre Choux website HERE

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