Victor Montes – Pintxo in Bilbao AKA. Unidentifiable things on baguette.

Victor Montes is definitely a must when visiting Bilbao. You really get everything you’re looking for. A fantastic humming atmospere, delicious Spanish wine, and a bar top laden with traditional Basque style pintxo. If you don’t speak Spanish you also get some hilarious lost in translation moments thrown in for free.

It was all pretty fantastic fun. Dad found the ordering a bit stressful so I went to the bar with mum where our ordering method consisted of pointing, shrugging and staunchly bypassing the unidentifiable options. Even doing that though, I have my suspicions that we may have still chowed down on a few trafey critters.

So, look and enjoy my good friends! Perhaps you can tell me what I ate?

Happy, smiley parents!
Part of the interior. Cabinets full of all sorts!
Family mirror selfie
The ‘parentals’ on a reconnaissance mission.
The hanging garden of glasses.
A delicious bottle of Verdejo (naturally I take the photo after we finish the bottle!) Ha!
Time to pick the pintxos. “What you want?” he asks us. “What’s that?” we ask. He shrugs. “What’s this one?” we ask him. He shrugs. “You want this one?” he asks us. We shrug.
I liked this one! Olives, peppers and sardines. Delicious!
I will take a photo of you piggy wrapped cheese on a stick, but I will not eat you!
I think it’s some sort of fish. Is it fish? The one on the left is definitely not. Looks like some sort of porky terrine.
I look at this. I see aliens. Aliens look and say “What have you done to my brother?!” Ps. It’s squid… obvs.
We get there in the end. The sardine and peppers one is my favourite. The fried chicken with an apple puree and a sort of whipped cream cheese is great too.
I shall write a book about this called ‘I am chicken’


Last one standing……………..

……………………….Gobble gobble gobble.


Victor Montes – Plaza Nueva, 8, 48005 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain

You can visit their website for more information HERE


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