Don’t worry, i’m alive. Just dealing with a little health kick.

I’ve been pretty rubbish at updating the blog lately, and i’m feeling a bit guilty about it. The truth is though, that i’ve just been so uninspired. I’ve not eaten anything particularly exciting, or been anywhere new and fun. Also, i’ve been trying this new diet. No, not diet. Let’s call it a ‘healthy meal plan’.

Basically i’ve spent the last few weeks eating grilled chicken and steamed veggies. It’s not all serious stuff though. I’m allowed to eat almond and cashew nut butter by the tablespoon. It seems totally bizzare to me. But who am I to argue. Also, It’s delicious!

I don’t like the word diet. It suggests that i’m unhappy with the way I am, which isn’t the case. I’d be lying if I said the motivation wasn’t partly inspired by my wish to fit back into my vintage Belleville Sassoon gown. It’s currently hanging in my closet screaming “YOU’VE ABANDONED ME!” every time I see it. But that’s not everything – It’s also just making me feel better. I’m being healthy, feeling fitter, and stronger. I have more energy. More confidence. Furthermore, I have no idea when I will next get to wear a gown. To do the vacuuming perhaps? Pipe down gown. Get a grip.

One thing i’ve discovered from these last few weeks though, is that I really like veggies. Not herby veggies, or curried. Or in a cream sauce. Just veggies, with no accoutrements. The way nature made them. Munching down on crudites makes me happy. So does steamed courgettes and broccolli. (I particularly love broccolli, because it is like a mini tree. While i’m eating it I can pretend that it is a full size tree and I am a giant. What fun!)

In any case, please stick with me here. I realize i’m being a little dull, but it’s for the greater good. Everything has a season, even health kicks.

With christmas around the corner, I suspect i’ll be gobbling up mince pies in no time!


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  1. YUM!!! Gotta be honest though, I love my raw veggies with hummus or peanut butter!


    1. Me too! Celery is one of my favourites though. It’s like a crunchy drink with delicious things inside. I love celery with cottage cheese and zaatar sprinkled on top. Can never go wrong with peanut butter though. Yum! Actually, I think I’ll go eat some right now *runs to the cupboard*….

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