Five gauges of success – El Ganso

I’ve been learning lately about the relative perceptions of success. Six year old me thought that ‘making it’ was being prima ballerina Margot Fontaine. When I was in high school it was getting grades as good as my sister. After finishing university with a fashion degree I saw it as becoming head designer at Dior….

‘Mae’s Ancient Thai Food’ by Carole Mason and Ning Najpinij

The first thing I notice when I open Mae’s Ancient Thai Food is how vibrant it is. It’s exciting, brimming with colour, energy and undeniable joie de vivre. The book begins with a tribute to its inspiration, Gobgaew Najpinij, followed by a minutely detailed introduction to Thai herbs, spices and techniques, including a page devoted…

Victor Montes – Pintxo in Bilbao AKA. Unidentifiable things on baguette.

Victor Montes is definitely a must when visiting Bilbao. You really get everything you’re looking for. A fantastic humming atmospere, delicious Spanish wine, and a bar top laden with traditional Basque style pintxo. If you don’t speak Spanish you also get some hilarious lost in translation moments thrown in for free. It was all pretty fantastic…

Postcards from Oslo – Part 2

Saturday 12.30pm – Egget Kafe – Address: Kirkegårdsgata 7A, 0558 Oslo, Norway Brunch. We picked this place because we googled ‘nice cafes in Oslo near me’ and this was one of the first that came up. they didn’t have an English menu (a good sign sometimes) so we had the very patient waitress translate for us….