Psyche of an Asparagus

Look at me, I’m green and long

I’m not a beet, I am not corn,

I’m classy, both raw and fried,

there’s nothing wrong with that. 


Look at me, I’m white and fat

I don’t care what you think, 

Of that. I have a tip, a crunchy end.

I’m great with butter, oh, and then,


I’ll have my season, and I’ll go 

But I’ll be back, before you know,

When the time ticks, you can’t resist,

to munch down on my crunchy sticks.


You’ll eat and chew and then you’ll see,

You will enjoy my small green tree,

And when in time, you do a wee,

you can’t help but remember me.


©Sonia Bennett – June 2017


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