Pâté Moi

I don’t tend to buy pâté’s very often, but I really love this one! I discovered it a few years ago while wandering around Borough Markets and have been buying it ever since. Sometimes i’m a really lazy cook, especially when i’m only cooking for myself, midweek, after a long day at work. This is one of my saving graces, seriously. I throw it on so many things and it never fails to make them delicious. Spaghetti, tossed through veggies or just on toast, you name it, i’ve done it.


Yesterday was a bit of a rubbish day, nothing dramatic, just annoying and stressful (oh, and I had a fight with the mailman, but that’s another story!) The one thing I really enjoyed though was the fact that I had brought lunch in to work and just so happened to have the previous nights leftovers which were full of delicious mushroomy pâté goodness. Yay! It really can be the little things that will make or break a moment. The mailman killed my day a bit, and this pâté made it!


The other thing that I like about this product is that it is handmade with organic mushrooms from Suffolk and it doesn’t have any additives or preservatives. It’s also suitable for vegetarians if that’s your thing. You can really tell that a lot of love and passion goes into it’s production. It’s actually really inspiring to read about how it’s creator quit her nine to five and decided to follow her passion, and isn’t that great, after all, we get to eat it!


There are so many awesome recipes one could invent. I could go totally mad trying to think them up (perhaps you should?) Really though, my favourite thing to do is throw a nice big spoon full on a cracker with some grated Emmental and then gobble it up with a glass of chilled white. Perfection. Why mess with a good thing?


Get down to Borough Markets and grab some! Then, how about inviting me for dinner?

You can check out more information about the back story and where you can buy it here; http://www.patemoi.com/



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