Déjà Food at Bellanger

Do you ever have the experience, where you go to a particular restaurant and only ever want to order the same one thing?

It’s happened to me a few times over the years; I find one specific dish at a particular place, know I like it and it won’t disappoint. I order it every single time I visit. I had one such scenario in my (relative) youth with a chicken and sundried tomato tortellini. Then there was the Weiner schnitzel and mash stage (in truth that’s one that never went away). Most recently it has been the Avocado and Superfood salad from Bellanger on Islington Green.

A few things to note about Bellanger; it’s a lovely restaurant, charmingly situated, lovely relaxed vibe, beautiful décor, superior waitstaff, the most delicious bread and butter. I really have no doubts that there are multiple dishes on the menu that I am bound to enjoy. So why do I always order this salad? Granted the salad is especially delicious; avocado, broccoli, quinoa, almonds and cranberries just to begin, with a most flavoursome piquant dressing. It’s also the salad that keeps on giving. I always order the small one because I know that half way through I will start to flag from chewing fatigue and then it will be an uphill climb to the finish line (and I have every intention of getting to that finish line).

Last week I went to Bellanger for lunch. It’s as delightful as ever, The bread and butter arrives, I order my usual. I get stuck in while my friend looks longingly at her salad, down at her baby perched on her lap and says “Please go to sleep”.

Half way the familiar languor sets in. It’s delicious, I want to finish it. Shovel and chew, shovel and chew… it occurs to me as I force in the last mouthful, that perhaps too much of a good thing, isn’t actually a good thing?

Maybe I should order something different next time… on second thought, perhaps I won’t.

Bellanger – 9 Islington Green, N1 – you can visit their website HERE


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