‘Tiger Waffles’

Just lately I’ve been obsessed with these Dutch waffles. I buy them for a pound from ‘Tiger’ which is a cheapie pretty fun Dutch store full of things I rarely need and always want to buy. Two thin waffle circles joined together by a centre layer of caramel. They’re the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy and I seem to be gobbling them up gleefully at every opportunity.


I also like to put them over a hot cup of coffee so the heat warms the caramel and makes it gooey. I can’t imagine they’re good for the waistline but I don’t very much care.

Sometime I wish I was the kind of person that wanted to bake my own caramelised tuile, and make some sort of technically amazing gourmet spectacle. Since I haven’t the time nor currently the inclination, I figure for tonight’s post dinner sweet tooth craving, I will simply do this…

tiger3tiger4tiger2tiger1tiger8tiger6tiger7 (1)

Now I have very happy housemates.

I dub thee… Tiger Waffles!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely dessert !!! I love beautiful foods n desserts . Yummo to that !!!


    1. Thanks! It really was yum! 🙂


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