Butchies – Fried Buttermilk Chicken

I was stuck in a cycle of food choice indecision this one morning, but then I saw Butchies. It didn’t take much for me to decide to try it. It had me at fried. The queue for this place was impressive. People just kept coming, and as many people as there where in the queue there was the same number waiting for their burgers. I placed my order, and stood to the side to wait.


While I was waiting ‘Nico’ brought the lads frying up the chicken some beers ‘yay!’ They all said (they didn’t actually say ‘yay’, not manly enough, but that’s what I imagined they were saying in their heads), and then they managed to work hard and slug some back a bottle of Grolsch at the same time. Impressive!

It was a bit of a wait time for the burger to come. The people next to me were actually jokingly saying that they were waiting for them to grow and catch the chickens. It was a beautiful day though, everyone was chilled, I think to have an expectation to not have to wait for something hot, freshly cooked and delicious would be unrealistic. You should wait. The expectation of it is part of the fun.

Look at this beauty!
Work it, work it.
What a damn bloody delicious burger! Perfectly crispy chicken, and a grilled bun so soft and fluffy that it was almost like eating a chicken filled cake. It also had a really yummy aioli on it which was creamy and tangy. It had me tasting garlic for the rest of the day and was one hundred percent worth it. The only problem was, it was gone all too soon.


Next time I will have to buy two.

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  1. 😯😍 I could eat that right now!!


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