A Short Trip to the Middle of a Fishy Scotch Egg

I have a strange relationship with scotch eggs. You see, I always want to eat them. They look delicious, and sound delicious but they are always pork. I don’t eat pork. I always feel sad to be missing out on the enviable scotch egg experience.

The other day, I was at a market, and I saw a scotch egg that wasn’t pork. It was Haddock. Not exactly the beef or lamb I might have desired, but more importantly, no piggy inside. I practically jumped for joy. ‘Yaaaaaaaaaay!!’ I said as the people standing next to me glanced sideways in a manner that could only be described as askance. I suppose I could understand why. They had obviously never experienced the joy of finding a non pork scotch egg.


Hello there my little eggy fishy friend!

Then, came the problem of what to do with it. Being me, I wanted to shove it in my face there and then. I had the lady cut it in half and she put a bit of salt and pepper on it. The egg was perfectly runny and the haddock looked nice if not a bit potato heavy. It was cold though. Was it supposed to be cold? Was I doing this wrong? I always imagined it to be warm and crunchy, but it was cold and not very crunchy at all. I was outdoors, cold day, cold fingers, cold scotch egg. Cold non meat scotch egg. I WANTED A MEAT SCOTCH EGG!

Taking my scotch egg for a walk in the park

I was feeling disappointed, it was yummy enough, but it wasn’t the experience I was looking for. I’m not sure it was the scotch eggs fault though, it was my expectations. I thought it would satisfy me, even though what I really wanted was to be eating it in a nice cosy pub with a pint. I didn’t want to be outside with popsicle fingers, a shivering Jewess, with an unattainable craving for a ‘real, genuine’ but semi kosher scotch egg. I’m being a bit dramatic I guess, but i’m just flummoxed. Where are all the ‘other meat’ scotch eggs?

Nice runny egg and they did use lovely rock salt

If you know where to find them, can you let me know?


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  1. Wow… this looks incredible! And your photos are amazing!


    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying that. And thanks for visiting! 😀

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