A semi eggcellent story

This may seem weird for some people, but growing up, I never had to ‘manually’ boil an egg. We always had an egg cooker. You just filled it up to the line, flicked the switch, and bob’s you’re uncle! It was easy! It turned off when the time was right and there you had it, a perfectly hard, soft or poached egg. It would especially come in handy during Passover when my mum would go mad hard boiling lots of eggs so we could happily gobble them up rolling about in salt water.

photo 3
So they’re in the water! What’s next?!

Now I’ve moved out of home, it’s been a while actually, but I’ve only just concluded, I have to start being a bit more ‘adult’ about my eggs. The other day I tried to cook a few hard boiled ones to throw in a salad but instead managed to make perfectly soft boiled ones, which would have been great had that been the intention, but it wasn’t. They then proceeded to run all over my salad and make the lettuce a gloopy yolky mess.

photo 2
I guess i’ll just let it bubble bubble toil and trouble then…

So, does anyone have some top tips? It would be eggcellent if you’d like to share them with me, and if all else fails…

photo 1
Yummy breakfast! I don’t think they were perfect but i’ll practice!!

At least i’m the master of the omelette.

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  1. amygeorgie says:

    Looks so lovely! I love eggs so this is perfect 😀
    I too have a food blog, feel free to check it out http://www.sprinkledwithstyle.wordpress.com


    1. Thanks! Food is a happy thing! I love eggs too 🙂 Your blog looks lovely, following now and looking forward to seeing your latest adventures.

      Liked by 1 person

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